How concerned are you about the coronavirus that causes COVID-19?


How concerned are you about the coronavirus that causes COVID-19?

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  1. Originally Answered: How concerned are you about the Wuhan coronavirus, COVID-2019?

    If 0 is non-concerned, and 10 is zombie apocalypse. I’m concerned at 7.

    Most people fail to see many things:

    The rest of the world is not China.
    They built a hospital in ten [1]days.
    They can quarantine [2]the fuck out of everything[3].
    They will enforce whatever [4]rule they concoct.
    Whatever numbers apply in China won’t apply elsewhere.
    Italy is already seeing very high mortality rates[5] in comparison.
    Iran follows Italy with their mortality [6]rates.
    The infection rates in countries such as Brazil, India and Indonesia are going to be sky high.
    Imagine a slum or a favela getting the virus.
    Saturation of health care services.
    Even if the death rate stays at 2%.
    Lots of black swan changes to the economy.
    More money for pension funds as the elderly die.
    Less tourism[7].
    Less transport. Coincidentally, less pollution[8].
    The virus will stay.
    Vaccine won’t be found [9]soon enough.
    There’s confirmed reinfection[10].
    It can become a major cause of death for the elderly.

    If anything, this COVID-19 virus will be a test to redefine our infrastructure as a global civilization for when a worse epidemic appears.

    Most governments are doing things wrong.

    In Argentina, the Health Minister said there’s nothing[11] to worry about. Meanwhile, an undiagnosed patient dies[12].

    In India, the authorities propose Homeopathy[13] as a solution.

    In Mexico, the president argues that an “amulet”[14] will be protection enough.

    In the Netherlands, the prime minister has advocated a “herd [15]immunity” approach.

    In North Korea, the Supreme Leader has purged [16]the Health Chiefs for reporting. Meanwhile, 180 soldiers die.

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