How corrupt is Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan?

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  1. Nawaz Sharif had been innocent looking good son of a medium-scale-businessman father. His honest and prestigious father requested General Zia for Nawaz Sharif’s services in politics. Zia obliged, and introduced him into politics. After Zia, in view of his father-ingrained-honesty, and personal performance as Chief Minister Punjab, ISI helped him financially to some extent in his leaner economic days for his prime ministerial electoral run.

    Becoming Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif realised that keeping majority intact in assembly needs lots of money because many assembly members are saleable. Perforce, he became as financially corrupt as any politician in developing countries possibly could be. This was the beginning in time when his businesses/properties in country/abroad started to grow sans money trails. Chhanga Manga/Murree MNA sales surfaced. The best Nawaz Sharif lovers are the saleable MNAs. Cause Nawaz Sharif had been the highest bidder in political horse trading.

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