How corrupt is Pakistani military?

Mudassir Ali
Dec 19, 2019 03:45 PM 0 Answers
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How corrupt is Pakistani military?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 19, 2019 03:46 PM

When you are operating in Asia, you are prone to corruption and bribes. Pakistan Army and Military as whole is therefore is not an exception.

However, as per multiple surveys conducted by Transparency International as part of their multinational Global Corruption Barometer which includes 12 key areas; Political Parties, Parliament/Legislature, Military, NGOs, Media, Religious Bodies, Business, Education Systems, Judiciary, Healthcare, Police and Civil Servants.

Only 34% of respondents in Pakistan felt that military was corrupt/extremely corrupt, making it the SECOND LEAST CORRUPT INSTITUTION IN PAKISTAN.

Police topped the survey, followed by civil servants and political parties.

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 19, 2019 03:46 PM

Pakistani Army is in production & sale of all core sector products like cement,iron, steel etc through out Pakistan. It controls the sectors & is the sole proprietor.

So in such business, its Fouj distributing spoils of business is not a big deal.

Money relation with Fouj started on fast track when Gen ZIA was sounded by US, when Russia occupied Afghanistan.

Gen Zia’s whole office was filled with big trunks of US $ which were to be used to raise jehadists against Russia.

In the process they siphoned off major amounts for themselves. Every Fouji from Colonel upwards have retired from 20 crores to 150 crores & many have migrated overseas with the money.

This money includes first the US help & later on as corrupt money.

Once the Tiger has tasted human blood, then it will always go for easy prey.

All these details are written in various books by different authors.

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 19, 2019 03:46 PM

Pakistan army has got strict rules which are made to follow. I don’t say, no army-man caught in corruption cases but the ratio is extremely low. Active military officers can’t do that due to a strict boundary which is marked around them. Though some retired army-men have been caught in corruption cases(for example: NLC scandal and Kiyani’s scandal). It is normal that at-least 1% can be corrupt like it happens in every other country. I can’t say that the ratio of corruption is huge in Pakistan army but it’s there in very little proportion.

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