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  1. Vit d is a hormone, Not a vitamin.

    With adequate sunlight no dietary supplements are needed.

    vit is synthesised under metabolic control into liver and kidneys and is transported through blood to to small intestine and bones to help calcium homeostssis. cacium, phosphorus, parathyroin, sterol play important role in renal metabolism of vit d.

    vit d is made in skin by Provit d after exposure to sunlight. vit production in skin decreases after age of 70 yrs.

    Vit D deficiency may arise from, Malnutrition, in sufficient exposure to sulight or Malabsorption. Patients with Nephrotic syndrome loses large amount of Vit D And may develop Osteomalacia.

    Some Anticonvulsants inhibit bone mineralisation.

    Adults respond variably to oral calcitrol.

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