How dangerous is the coronavirus?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: Is Covid-19 more deadly than the flu?

Both the Influenza and Corona viruses are RNA viruses. Influenza virus belongs to family Orthomyxoviridae while Corona virus belongs to Coronaviridae.

Both these viruses are common respiratory pathogens of human beings and are responsible for the seasonal cough and cold (common cold). Usually such infections resolve in the matter of days.

However being RNA viruses, both are liable to undergo periodic mutations in their genomes. This leads to a novel virus strain which has not come into contact with our immune system. No immunity against a pathogen will ofcourse lead to serious manifestations.

It cannot be determined which virus is more dangerous or pathogenic. But since they both spread via droplet infection and airborne route, they are highly infective.

Influenza is known for causing seasonal epidemics and pandemics like the recent Swine flu and Bird flu.

Corona virus too has a few epidemics in it’s pocket, notable being SARS epidemic and of course the latest novel Coronavirus epidemic.

Instead of comparing the two, what we can do is take preventive measures against these viruses:-

Always cover your mouth and nose while sneezing or if you have a cold and are out in public.
Always avoid contact with public articles, railings, door knobs and make sure you wash your hands after coming back home.
Hand hygiene- Hands must be washed with a proper soap/handwash for a minute. Ensure you cover your hands with lather properly and then wash away the soap under running water.
Avoid uncooked meat, raw vegetables and fruits. Make sure you wash raw items properly before consuming it.

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