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  1. won’t kill you but it has got bad effect in it, you’re lucky you got it now not years ago when it would have killed you. TB was once a major killer in Britain.

    Ok some kind of TB can’t be passed on unless you eat someone’s green thing that comes from the throat, and others can be passed on through the air, you will need to get HIV test as well, because there can be linked. Plus these only a 6month treatment in where the capsules reduce the amount by each month, some from 11 a day to 3 a day.

    These are 2 different type one is early and other is latter, here these are below the symptoms that you should be feeling.

    Early infection symptoms:
    Night sweats
    Flu-like symptoms
    Gastrointestinal symptoms
    Weight loss
    No appetite

    Sadly you can never knew where you got the TB from or how long you had it for, the best thing is not to boost about it and keep it to yourself, your not a danger and you be ok.

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