How did coronavirus spread to Italy?

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  1. Originally Answered: What do you think about the Corona virus outbreak in Italy?
    The spread of the virus is inevitable and all is being done to contain it is now necessary, but precautionary measures should have been taken way before the outbreak. It’s now clear that despite the efforts to isolate cases the epidemic is very much bound to become a pandemic… I’m very much worried that Africans reaching our costs by boat and landing in Italy aren’t properly tested for the virus. If the desease can also be transmitted from people who are not showing symptoms (the incubation period for COVID 19 can extend up to 14 days and in some cases up to 27 days) and newcomers aren’t properly quarantined and tested, it is clear that all the efforts that are being made in the north of Italy to contain the spread of the virus will be perfectly useless. I hope our government will decide to quarantine these people for at least 27 days to be on the safe side, since everybody knows that the virus has arrived in Africa too and anybody from anywhere can be a carrier (who can transmit the virus without symptoms).

    It’s true that the general media have been trying to avoid panic among the Italian people who are inevitably and understandably scared but information should be more accurate.

    People are stocking up on food and supplies despite it’s clear that for the time being, there’s no need to do so, because food is being delivered to supermarkets regularly. Face masks and hand sanitaser gel can hardly be found at the local chemist’s. Anytime you ask for some they will reply “oh sorry, we run out of it, we are waiting for more to be delivered” (we are talking about an area outside the epicenter. Imagine what would happen if cases started to happen or escalated?! WHO has indicated that only people suspected to have contracted COVID, with symptoms or coming from places of concern (the so called ‘red areas’) should be wearing face masks, not everybody in good health. Face masks have limited efficiency outside a sterile environment and offer limited protection if they aren’t correctly worn with sanitazed hands and all…so all this initial hysteria isn’t helping to deal with the problem, if serious precautionary measures aren’t put into place.

    Yet, it seems to me that some people outside the epicenters, are still unaware of the real danger, and tend to minimize on the risks of getting the desease. This is actually a paradox caused by misinformation on some part of the population. Generally speaking fear is growing in and out of the epicenters. You can clearly see trains running almost empty at any time during the day and the number of bus passangers, literally halved.

    As to me I’m surely scared but not more scared than anybody else. We know for a fact that most of the people who’ve contracted the desease healed and may be this is the most positive data all in all considered. Yet, unfortunately things are changing over time and we will have to wait and see to be able to say more.

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