How did Nawaz Sharif become the Prime Minister of Pakistan?

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  1. Democracy is constantly an evolving entity. Nawaz Shareef and His party had been ahead of other parties in terms of apparent construction and development. But in recent years democracy is being evolved into the system where accountability is considered an essential part of democracy.

    Also, Because in the past, Foreign powers used to select their puppets in Pakistan to carry out their agenda. Naturally these leaders couldnt be sincere with Pakistan but only to their own personal interests.

    This exposed nawaz shareef badly. Because of corruption, He is even more richer than the state of Pakistan itself. He has even business ties with bitterest enemy of Pakistan ie., India.
    He was caught red handed in Panama papers leaked documents. He is the prime minister of Pakistan but possess a Aqama of UAE. He has been found threatening courts and pakistan Army. When asked about the discrepancy between His declared assets and His actual spending. He said, who are you to ask?

    World knows Pakistan because of corruption and in negative light. Leaders like Him is responsible for it. Supreme Court had declared Him liar, Untrustworthy, Sicilian Mafia. Anyways, Pakistan is heading forward nicely.

    He allowed Modi visit in Pakistan without even a passport. Despite the fact that Modi openly threats Pakistan and confess involvement in internal affairs of Pakistan and supporting terrorism.

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