How did Russia manage to stop the mass spread of …


How did Russia manage to stop the mass spread of coronavirus?

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  1. There is no evidence it managed it yet. While there are shortages of toilet paper, the safer practices are not enforced throughout the country — and it’s a huge territory!

    I have a cousin in Moscow whose idea of coping is to go out and party. She thinks it’s all either a hoax, or a conspiracy to overturn Putin (whose conspiracy, she isn’t even sure). “We conquered Hitler! We survived the siege of St. Petersburg! Coronavirus has nothing on our great people!”

    The woman is 41 years old. Not the brightest bulb in the box, but she has a college degree. She cannot be by herself for 5 minutes, and cannot fathom that some people are actually infected, since she hasn’t seen any personally.

    Secondly, her husband happened to open a restaurant for business just a few weeks ago, and they badly need customers to justify the financial investment — it’s an upscale French bistro. They need to afford the lease and continue paying wages to their staff. They are interested in seeing parties of 50+ people coming in, rather than staying the hell out.

    Is my relative an isolated case? Probably not. Who knows how many of similarly minded people would want to “party” the virus away or advancing their business instead of going home and trying to stay safe? How many believe in conspiracy theories? How many blame “stupid China” and “stupid Italy” and are confident that Putin-Batuyshka will manage the situation a whole lot better? Does the government tell the truth to the RF citizens?

    Some other acquaintances and friends of mine are trying to stay at home. Some schools offer remote learning, but many do not. Same goes for extracurricular activities for children. Many businesses still require them to come in. One of my classmates’ daughter is training in rhythmic gymnastics for the Jr Olympics League and is not allowed to miss practice. Another classmate is a musician and his band still performs for the public.

    If the strictest rules are not enforced by the government and its local branches, there is little chance the virus will remain contained.

    Medical care there is in a sorry state. While private clinics provide good care for quite a lot of money, the government-operated facilities don’t have enough supplies and manpower to manage a health crisis of such huge proportions.

    I will only be happy if everyone I know there, including my relatives and friends, remains safe. I just don’t see how it could be done unless Russian Federation starts enforcing containment practices, including border and travel control and facility lockdowns.

    Obviously, I do not know the statistics and how it really is there on a larger scale, so this is just what I think.

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