How did the Chinese stop spreading the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Mudassir Ali
Apr 09, 2020 04:01 PM 0 Answers
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How did the Chinese stop spreading the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 09, 2020 04:01 PM

There could be several news on China Coronavirus episode both positive and negative for China and of course Negative news stand out as it really affected 192 countries and this answer is not to verify all the news spreading like Corona against China for the game they played but just to highlight the typical China Communist Polit-bureau strategy how to manage their people and at the same time to make business or grow economy and its like looking for benefits from death house.

Suppress the news that there is silent killed like SARS already prevalent for at least three to four weeks right from Dec 22nd to Chinese New Year (CNY) week till end Jan 2020;
Liaise with WHO tactfully to delay the news as normal flu and not to make it emergency till Feb first week though informed on 23rd Jan about virus existence;
After CNY and beyond control locally in Wuhan/Hubei Province, decided to lock down indefinitely including all healthcare and sanitation workers from outside;
Lockdown really like prison (even doors & windows were sealed to put people beyond doors) and provide coupons but only one can come out get food or other essentials once a day after checking temperature via APP developed with QR to display in each person’s mobile;
Meanwhile WHO Pedros met Xi and effectively postponed the word ‘Pandemic’ for the benefit of China’ business and migration of people
Extent this type of lockdown to few other towns/cities where Corona spread due to earlier movement of people and in fact more than 5 million people moved out of Wuhan before lock down before and during CNY holidays even to Europe, UK, USA and other tourists places (real reason for high level spread to Italy, Spain, US and UK);
Every person who was having even mild symptoms were tested and quarantined strictly unlike earlier days when testing was done only with respiratory symptoms;
Lockdown extended for about 50 days in toto in those areas and after reaching the peak in early Mar 2020 started tapering and thats when China decided to stop panicking the people and inform the world about China will reopen all businesses at the right time when Corona is already spread in 140 countries
Allowed all the people from outside Wuhan to move though residents need to be there till 6th April when domestic flights will function and train transport will be in full swing
Since factories have opened for making masks (exporting 160 M masks a week), test kits and ventilators for outside world as mass production. Of course the quality is suspect as always !!!!
Business strategy is to make all kits necessary for the world when its peaking in every country in Europe and US. Spain and Italy placed order more than $400 M each and typical China partners were provided with all medical supplies now right from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Gulf to Greece and African countries making the adversity into advantage. However countries are returning test kits and masks for poor quality from Italy and Spain in large quantities

No wonder America is crying as every year normal flu is turned into Corona by China and created havoc among administration and healthcare workers but people are yet to realise the seriousness especially youngsters though social distancing and quarantine are advised but medical pandemic has become Financial Pandemic and China is making fortune out of this now

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