How did the US become so rich and powerful?

Mudassir Ali
Apr 15, 2020 08:14 AM 0 Answers
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How did the US become so rich and powerful?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 15, 2020 08:15 AM

The honest answer on what makes the United States not merely prosperous and powerful but quite literally one of a kind?


There isn’t a single nation today or even in all of history that I can think of which is/was even remotely as lucky as America in terms of being blessed by the geopolitical gods.

Not a single one.

Yes, America was fortunate in a way that even now more than two centuries later boggles the mind to have a virtual club of founding fathers like no other nation that I can honestly think of (certainly not any which had that many giants of such a caliber as Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton and Franklin at the hour of their founding).

Yes, America still adheres to the principle of liberty near fanatically, she has free markets in the economic sphere and a culture more welcoming by far than any other major world power, current or potential.

But the thing is that those are all human factors which can change with time.

Geography does not.

Because Mother Nature is not subject to the vagaries of human emotion or intellectual tendencies. In terms of nations, both her blessings as well as curses are far more long-lasting than the politics, ethos or culture of the humans at any given point in history.

And I’ll give you four big time assets that America possesses, each of which has been critical in her rise to the top.

Invulnerability to existential military threats – as a French security expert put it “Canada to the North, Mexico to the South, fish to the East, fish to the West.”
A vast network of navigable inland waterways – with the operative word there being ‘navigable’. Something incredibly important for trade since water as always still remains the cheapest and most economical mode of transport over long distances, by far.
An abundance of natural resources – chiefly in the spheres of food and energy. Not merely huge in size but more importantly, no vast cold or hot deserts.
Favorable climate – Temperate and not prone to infectious diseases as in tropical or monsoon regions.
It is hard to exaggerate just how important each one of those four are.

In terms of an analogy, it’s like the jackpot of being born gifted with great health, good looks and a high IQ to rich parents who are nurturing and live in the safest possible neighborhood. Try and beat that.

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