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  1. OK, let me prepare you for the real world. You’ve seen the videos on YouTube. You know, the “day in the life of a software engineer” videos. The average company that you will work for is just like those companies.

    You will:

    Be assigned projects that make you want to leap out of bed in the morning and get to the office before sunrise, skip lunch, and stay late!
    Be recognized and treated as a responsible adult, which means you won’t be subject to a bunch of inane corporate policies that have been decreed over the years as blanket responses to issues that should have been dealt with directly
    Be treated as a responsible adult, so obviously you will get to work from home/wherever you are most comfortable and productive, instead of forced to drive long distances (and sacrifice productiviy) to sit in a fabric covered box to do the exact same work (I mean, how ridiculous would that be haha)
    Work with the most cutting edge technology to make a difference in people’s lives while also disrupting entire industries
    Definitely not be daydreaming about retirement on a regular basis
    Not be dealing with absurd politics and drama on the daily
    OK, so you probably realize by now that none of that is true. At least not typically.

    The brutal truth is that the programming job you probably end up taking will be just another soul-crushing corporate America office job, which will alternate between boring and frustrating, with occasional glimpses of hope.

    Sorry to paint a dire picture, but having worked at four different companies now, I can only say this has been my experience. Any passion I had for programming I had 5 or 10 years ago is rapidly slipping away. The advantage it has over most typical office jobs is that it pays much better. That is the reason I am sticking it out.

    So in conclusion, most programming jobs are not that difficult in terms of the actual work. It’s just all the other nonsense you have to put up with that can make it hard.

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