How do I become a senator in Pakistan?


How do I become a senator in Pakistan?

Mudassir Ali 11 months 1 Answer 138 views

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  1. You need no education. All what you need, get affiliated to a political party subject to the condition you have a lot of money. The day is not far off when you would become a senator in the senate of Pakistan. No one will judge your performance. No one will make you accountable. Keep quite till the end of your tenure but ultimately you will retire as a senator. This is the travesty of justice and democracy as well. If you do not have affiliation with any political party, then money makes the mere go; advance money and buy the seat. In the capacity of senator a huge amount will be placed at your disposal, you can embezzle that if you are not fearful from Allah. Those who come by virtue of money, are less likely to fear from Allah.

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