How do I Create PayPal account in Pakistan legally?


How do I Create PayPal account in Pakistan legally?

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  1. PAYPAL isn’t coming in Pakistan Yet Update 1 November 2018
    Recently a Pakistani Entrepreneur Iqra meet with Paypal Officials, and here is to Read a detailed article with full explanation that what paypal official said about there availability in Pakistan

  2. If you have the ability to travel to Dubai, open a bank account and simply signup from UAE. This is how 90% of the people who are using PayPal in Pakistan are doing it. They use their Payoneer card to validate the signup, but the payout is on the UAE bank account (which is now allowed by PayPal). It takes about Dhs 3,000 on average to open an account in UAE with Internet banking access.

  3. PayPal isn’t available in Pakistan but you can sign up and verify your account. Go to paypal site sign up for personal account write your info but don’t write your adress in Pakistan instead of USA or can get fake address from internet by google help. Your account is created but you need to verify via adress or bank account. As you have not wrote your adress in Pakistan you should verify it via bank account. In this case you make an payoneer account which is available in Pakistan and link you payoneer account with paypal. When you link your payoneer account with paypal your account is fully activated and functional for tansactions. You can aslo get a free debit card from payoneer.Thanks me later

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