How do I get a free 8100 UC in PUBG …


How do I get a free 8100 UC in PUBG Mobile?

umaan waqar 7 months 1 Answer 131 views

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  1. Hello, a few days ago this was possible but now it is not. This glitch was for only 1 day. This happened because 140 rupees in Indian currency became 140 dollar in US currency. So, people redeem 140 rs which acted as 140 dollar due to playstore glitch and people bought 8100 uc.

    I tried this the very next day, but unlucky me got nothing. By the way, the whole uc amount was rollback and everything bought using this was taken by pubgm. The only benefit people who used this trick was that they got 600uc cause their royal pass was also taken away.


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