How do I get a free UC in PUBG mobile?


How do I get a free UC in PUBG mobile?

umaan waqar 5 months 1 Answer 98 views

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  1. By using free UC generator.

    But this is not work.

    You have to participate in challenges,events.

    Pubg giving you 1 cards on that you can play a match in that match we earn 10 to 30 uc by killing and win a match. And also you getting some point on that you can buy awm skin ,outfits,other stuff.

    Click on next to the inventory.

    Choose india bonus challenge.

    If you win you will redeem rewards and you also win some uc.

    In the lobby,where the crew challenges has to be played,on that left side you get this option as india bonus challange. First entry is for free but after that you need 10uc for entering into the matches.

    I hope above information will help you .

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