How to rank YouTube videos channel?

Well, you could rank them by views, but that really doesn’t say much. What you need is some sort of algorithm to rank videos based on a number of factors. You will want to rank based partially on views, but also on audience retention, likes, and comments. If you were designing a video sharing site or a program, you would write up some sort of algorithm and it would calculate the rankings of the videos. If you are just a person wanting to know how to rank your videos, you could make up a formula to come up with a number. A quick formula I can come up with might be ((views) + 2(likes) + 3(comments)) * audience retention %. This is just something I made up in a few seconds, so don’t use it, but it basically means that likes count 2x as much as views, comments count 3x as much as views. Then everything is multiplied by the audience retention %, which will be a decimal. This formula implies that audience retention is the largest factor into the ranking. So if the avg retention is 1%, the rank will be REALLY low, but if the retention is ~50%, the rank will be higher. Of course, this does not account for video length. Shorter videos tend to have better audience retention than longer ones, so if you wanted to account for that somehow, you could. (This is why I say it is easier to write a program). Finally, if you are trying to rank another person’s videos, you do not have access to that audience retention, but you do have access to the views, likes, and comments. Make a formula accordingly. Note: I did not take into account dislikes. This is because people dislike videos for no reason most of the time. If you really want to include dislikes into your calculation, feel free.

Asked on January 14, 2019 in Advice.
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