How do I stay safe in India from Covid-19 (Corona virus)?

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  1. WASHING HANDS: While washing hands, use an alcohol-based rub or soap and water to kill the pathogen. Do this frequently.
    COVERING COUGHS: Use a tissue, or your bent elbow, to cover your cough — this keeps virus-infected droplets away from those around you. If you use a tissue, dispose of it quickly and safely.
    SOCIAL DISTANCING: Stay at least 1 meter away from people who’re coughing or sneezing to avoid inhaling droplets.
    AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE: If the virus has contaminated your hands after contact with another surface, it can infect you through your eyes, nose or mouth.
    IF YOU ARE SICK: Here’s a summary of WHO’s advice for people living in areas where the coronavirus is spreading, or who’ve traveled to such places in the past two weeks.
    First and foremost, follow the hygiene measures above. If you’re feeling under the weather, “even with mild symptoms such as headache and a slight runny nose”, then stay home till you get better.
    If you have fever, cough and breathing difficulties, go see a doctor. Inform her (or him) about your travel history. Tell her if you’ve come into contact with other travelers who may be at risk.

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