How do I stop eating junk food?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 13, 2020 05:26 AM

Originally Answered: How do I keep myself away from junk food ?
I can tell how I keep myself away from junk food.

So basically one really gets inspired by what people around them eat, like your friends, family, and also where you live, like if you live in hostel, your chances of eating junk food increases.

Also, most of the junk food, like noodles is made of “maida” or refined white flour, which is not really good for health, especially if you consume it on daily basis.

So if you belong to the category of people who quickly gain weight, in such cases if you continue eating junk food, you will gain weight at an exponential rate,

But if you belong to the category of people who don’t gain weight even after eating a lot of junk food, then what junk food really does to your body is that it reduces the amount of food you need to take to kill your hunger, meaning if your body requires at least 4 rotis(chapatis) and vegetables and pulses in a day, juck food can replace it by only one plate of noodles. Now in such case, a person will not gain required weight, suffer from lot of health problems like low BMI, undernourishment, and girls will suffer from irregular periods, etc.

So the question is how to control yourself from eating junk food?

Well you may get inspired by how stunning Deepika Padukone looks in those short dresses, or you may have to impress someone, or you may be suffering from health problems and want to get rid of it, etc.


Drink a glass of water before eating junk food, it will reduce your hunger.
Do exercise at any time of the day, anytime, so thet when next time you will feel like eating junk food, you will remember that all your hard work will go waste.
Eat seasonal fruits instead of junk food, keep a tifin with you filled with fruits like grapes, etc.
Do meditation, it’s important to control your mind, it’s all mind game.
Whenever you feel like eating junk food, just delay it by saying “not this time, but next time for sure”, and repeat this Everytime.
Try to get some tasty but healthy food, it will motivate you to give up junk food.
It’s really important, you have to transform yourself and put a before and after pictures of the transformation on social media!!, And share your transformation story on Quora:)
Also, I’m not a dietician or a doctor by any means, these are just my personal experiences but are very effective.

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