How do India and Pakistan solve the Kashmir problem?


How do India and Pakistan solve the Kashmir problem?

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  1. Originally Answered: Can the Kashmir problem be solved between India and Pakistan?

    There is a famous English quote ‘nothing is impossible’.India and Pakistan one of the belligerent countries in the world.United India that is before partition India and Pakistan both are United. 1906 the governor general Lord Minto and other British officer assisted to establish Muslim League under the Aga Khan. The two Nation theory proposed by the Muhammad Ali Jinnah. According to this theory after independence of the India there was a to separate Independence countries that is India and Pakistan.Education of the Muhammad Ali Jinnah formation of the Pakistan as a new nation.The leaders in Rashtriya Sabha that is Indian National Congress opposed that two Nation theory but continuously education by the Muhammad Ali Jinnah Muslim League at the end this cames in picture. To separate independent Nation Pakistan and India is formed in 14-15 August 1947. The freedom comes with partition. The huge population migrated over the long.Since 1947 India and Pakistan continuously engaged in war.

    Muslim populated area became a Pakistan. That is a western Pakistan and Eastern Pakistan. This region how long distance that cannot be administrated by the Pakistan. 1971 Eastern Pakistan is separated. The new country Bangladesh was merged.

    Independence of the both countries there was certain area is under dispute. In that Jammu and Kashmir is famous.Operations zebral Kargil War in a recent India’s surgical strike in Pakistan,Puri militant attack and so on. That made both the Nations diplomatic relations week Pakistan democracy is under influence by the military that is the establishment in India tried to strong the relation Pakistani back side did something like war that is history told

    Context of Jammu and Kashmir military Pakistan occupied Indian territory. Pakistan remember that territory gilgit baltistan and Azad Kashmir. Pakistan claims thatJammu and Kashmir is the part of Pakistan while India claim that Jammu and Kashmir is the part of Indian territory and which is signed by the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir in the form of instrument of accession.

    The problem can solve only with the help of referendum. But they there is a problem regarding a referendum because in Pakistan occupied Kashmir military troops deployed by the Pakistan.This case is running in United Nations.Even concluded that in Jammu and Kashmir require fresher referendum regarding weather Jammu and Kashmir wants to stay in India for joining Pakistan. But Pakistan can’t withdrawal his Army.

    This issue he sorted only why diplomatic relation between the India and Pakistan. In Pakistan targeted India regarding this issue. Without thinking is a development. Reset in 25th of July 2018 general elections did. And then you party cames in majority. Hope Pakistan and India both have positive perspective of the new elected government. He is they improve the relation with India as a friendly or adverse.

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