How do Iranians feel about Arabs?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 18, 2020 05:27 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 18, 2020 05:27 AM

Iranians view Arabs in which border nations they have to.

Generally speaking? Well, Iranians view Arabs are like this, that’s from my accounts:

Iraqis: grief due to 1980s war. Iraqis are also perceived as arrogant. Most of them have a friendly relations though not without controversies.
Tunisians: nice, hard-working and very friendly people, tolerant too.
Egyptians: admired by shared ancient histories, but antagonistic in some part because Egypt sided with Saudi Arabia. Yet, Iranians and Egyptians share a lot of stories.
Omanis: admired, loved and respected. Problem-free for Iranians.
Jordanians: negative. While Jordan is not Saudi Arabia, the Jordanians often bruise their tones in line with Riyadh. In all Levant nations, Jordan is the most disliked for Iranians.
Palestinians: conservative Islamists love them. Normal Iranians couldn’t care less. Some even despise Palestinians.
Mauritanians: irrelevant.
Kuwaitis: fine. But Iranians are skeptical because Kuwaitis have mostly supported Saudi Arabia. There’s a small Iranian minority in Iran, at least 15% of Kuwaiti population, well-educated and assimilated.
Sudanese: hard-working people, sympathetic to Sudanese; some are irrelevant. Since 2015, when two nations cut tie, Sudanese Government is disliked, not Sudanese people.
Emiratis: Iranians do not see them special. While the UAE isn’t Saudi Arabia, Emiratis are also seen as Saudi supporters, though in a level, the Emiratis are pragmatical and not always in line with Riyadh. Anyway, Iranians do business with the Emiratis, a lot.
Saudis: they are the most disliked. Not just because Saudis strongly support their government, the Saudis also bash Iranians. Iranians see them unworthy, useless and uncivilized people.
Somalis: well, what type of their people for Iranians? Well, just a country with Arabic as official language even Somalis also have their own language too. Somalia is seen nothing special, no hate, no like.
Lebanese: Iranians like them. Iranians see them civilized, friendly, cheerful and full of humors. Conservative Iranians might like Hezbollah and radical Shiite clerics.
Djiboutians: irrelevant.
Comorians: irrelevant.
Yemenis: Iranians are sympathetic and hostile to Yemenis on the same time. Sympathy because of Yemeni war, hostile because Yemenis, mostly Sunnis, are perceived Iranophobia.
Moroccans: not many Iranians care of Moroccans. If so, then they don’t take a fuss. Some dislike Moroccans.
Bahrainis: after Saudis, Bahrainis are the second least liked by Iranians. Iranians see Bahrainis as a Saudi-brainwashed people with strong hatred against Iran. Issues also include by the way Bahrainis cheered Saudi Arabia against Iran. Back in 2001, Bahrain shocked Iran, winning 3–1, though the win didn’t help Bahrain qualify for World Cup since they were eliminated, it helped Saudi Arabia to progress instead of Iran, Bahrainis waged Saudi flag which angered Iranians. Often Bahrainis chant anti-Iranian slogans further antagonized Iranians.
Libyans: Iranians could not care less.
Qataris: nothing special. Iranians see Qataris with skepticism, but recent Qatar-Saudi tensions provide advantage for Iranians. Previously, they perceive Qataris in line with Saudis.
Syrians: sympathetic to Syrians over civil war. Some dislike Syrians, mostly those aligned with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and FSA. Some see Syrians as neutral.
Algerians: neutral. Iranians have no love-hate feeling.
Quite a rogue summary I guess, but after encountering Iranians, this is how they look on Arabs.

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