How do Muslim names work? Are Muslims born with last names?

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  1. A Muslim child takes the surname of his/her father at birth. This is a problem for children born out of wedlock.

    In many Muslim countries these children are born without a last name. They are not considered to be the responsibility or legal issue of the father. He has no parental rights over them and unfortunately the child’s mother often has no right to his help or financial support.

    In some places the mother of an illegitimate child will not be admitted to a private clinic or a respectable hospital. This was true during my time in Setif, Algeria.

    When I was in the clinic having my daughter a family came in and the woman said that her husband had forgotten his “Family Book.” The Family Book lists the name of the father and all of his legal marriages and any children born from them.

    The woman was in labor but she had to leave the clinic until she could return with evidence that the child she was carrying was legitimate.

    A difference in naming occurs when many Muslim women marry. It isn’t uncommon for Muslim women to retain the names of their fathers after marriage instead of taking their husband’s names.

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