How do people get into dealing drugs?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 20, 2020 05:09 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 20, 2020 05:09 AM

It works like this:

You are young and having a good time at the club. You want some ecstacy or meth for the weekend and you heard a friend has some. You make a small purchase that lets you get high and have fun for the weekend. Pretty soon, this is a regular thing and you still have a regular job. But pretty soon, your friends are asking you to get drugs for them. You’re a nice person, so you start making 2 or 3 or more purchases at the club. Your dealer-friend lets you know that when you do that many transactions at a club, it’s way too obvious.

Common sense dictates that if you make one purchase at the beginning of the weekend, just enough for you and your friends, you are limiting your liability and ultimately being smart about the situation. Before it was get money from friends (1 risk) then give money to dealer (2 risks) then give drugs to friend (3 risks) per friend that’s a ton of risk. Where as get a small quantity at a discount when you aren’t at the club (very little risk) and when your friends ask you to help, give them the drugs and take their money (1 risk). It’s really just common sense.

But what ends up happening over and over is that pretty soon, you are buying even more product. Now, in order to make sure your friends are having a good time, you have to be out all the time. You start messing up at work and suddenly it’s obvious: why do my dead-end job where I bust my hind quarters and don’t make any money when I can start seriously selling drugs and make good money while making more friends and helping more people out?

And the chorus that supports this logic is the one that says, “I’m not gonna be greedy like other dealers! I’m only doing this to take care of my friends, I’ll never sell bad drugs and I’ll cut my friends off if they start messing up.” These newbie drug dealers are almost always idealists and they would never think of hurting someone or getting someone strung out. These aren’t bad people.

As you progress, however, things seem to follow a pattern:

Stop making purchases in clubs and start your journey as a dealer.
Stop working because it is not cost effective and you hate your job.
Start making big money as you take on more clients.
Start the rhetoric publicity machine that establishes you as a righteous person
Get ripped off big time
Start from scratch and build momentum
Become SUPER STAR DRUG DEALER at the clubs
Realize that you are an idiot and that these aren’t your friends
Substitute midnight runs to WalMart for going to clubs. Start acquiring useless, but expensive stuff.
Become STEALTH WEALTH DRUG DEALER where you are moving quantity
Take on employees (friends who you convince to buy more than just a little since they are giving to their friends–thus starting the cycle for the next kid)
Try to figure out how to get out of the business between phone calls.
Realize there is no help, no way out, become more depressed
Commit Suicide or Get Sick and Die
Or, get busted and go to jail for the rest of your life–which likely won’t be long.
I have known a lot of great people go this route and it’s not pretty. There simply needs to be more resources for getting out once you have gotten in over your head, but that’s my other question.

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