How do we relieve corona virus fear?

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  1. The world is currently in panic on corona virus pandemic.

    But, Is the fear of corona virus pandemic justified?

    Many people says that Wuhan corona virus outbreak is potentially more dangerous than SARS outbreak. It’s new, we don’t have vaccine for it and most importantly our immune system are less equipped to deal with it.

    But there’s even more widespread threat emerging than the corona virus: Corona Virus Fear (CvF)

    According to study, number of people affected with the CvF has surpassed 100 million in US only. Situation is far more worst in european countries. In India and neighbouring countries social stigma is another concern. Suspected patients are fleeing hospital because of the fear of social boycott. Stocks around the world have become unstable, as market buyers face uncertainty about what will happen next.

    If we take a quick look at history, we can see that coronavirus fear is nothing new. Ebola, H1N1 swine flu, SARS, and many other epidemics have caused intense fear and socioeconomic instability as a result of media noise. The coronavirus will cause more deaths. But so will many other viruses and health conditions.

    Media outlets and social media are allowing us to spread fear, compare symptoms and convince ourselves we’re in a doomsday scenario. Because of this fear, there are two possibilities,

    You’re unlikely to be infected with the coronavirus.
    You’re probably already infected with the fear of coronavirus.

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