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  1. I think it starts with an invitation, preferably one a week or so in advance. Traditionally, Fridays and Saturdays are good nights for this. Don’t wait too long to ask, if you ask too late then the US might make other plans for the night. You’ll want to spend some time getting ready ahead; you’ll want your clothes to be neat and clean. A dinner with just you and the US is a good way to start the night. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, but you want to exercise some care so no McDonalds. Then pick a movie to go to. Be aware of your date’s preferences, the US might not want to see the latest slasher movie (or maybe it would). Throughout the night try to be on your best behavior. Open doors for the US. Make eye contact. Be nice not only to the US, but also to the waitstaff and anyone else with whom you interact. The US will take note of our courtesy. At the end of the night, you might want to kiss the US. If you’re shy or uncertain if the US wants to be kissed then feel free to ask.

    Don’t worry if you can’t afford to take the US out to dinner and a movie on your own dime. You are allowed to ask the US to go Dutch. You would want to mention that before the night itself, of course, so the US can get cash.

    Oh, wait. I thought this was about how to take out the US

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