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  1. I have done four things over the years…

    Get actual driving education! There are many skills and driving situations which are not taught in basic driver’s education classes and not required to get a license. They are still skills people should know. Many people are not aware that “advanced” driving instruction is available, but it is, and we’re not talking about racing schools, these are practical driving classes, available in almost every major city. Here’s an example of that: Defensive Driving & Advanced Driving Courses for Individuals … and another example: Bridgestone Winter Driving School (I strongly think that one should be required for a Colorado driving license)

    Become a professional driver! There are many professional driving jobs available that don’t require a commercial license, but you can go that route as well, which will require some of that education I mentioned before. My first job was as a delivery driver for a flower shop in a semi-rural area, way back in 1985. I drove my parents’ cars, a VW Beetle, or an International Scout (lol, great truck). Compared to today’s cars, and today’s driving situations, this was more difficult. We didn’t have navigation systems (I had a wrinkly well used map), steering on the VW was manual, and rural areas are difficult to deliver in. I learned good car control and I learned to think about navigation and plan my routes to avoid surprises. I think that’s a lesson many people need to learn. Cutting off a whole line of traffic because you forgot your exit was right here, is super dangerous. I’ve also delivered pizza for probably a few years total, at different times when I needed work. All good experience – I recommend
    Join a racing league and race your daily driver! There are many auto-cross and rally-cross leagues all across the country, where you can race your car and usually all that is required is a legally safe car and a helmet. I actually won goods and money and a nice trophy doing this back in 2001. I learned a lot of low-traction surface driving skills, and it was a ton of fun! It was also a little hard on my car though, and I recommend auto-cross on pavement (and not trying to win) if you want to keep your car in decent shape.

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