How do you cure tuberculosis?

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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 11, 2020 11:23 AM

Originally Answered: Is tuberculosis curable?
Is TB curable? it is the most important question in each and every body’s mind when a family member is diagnosed for TB. In this case, please remember the following:

TB directly affects just one family member but it has to be fought like a war by the entire family as patient alone can’t fight at all the levels.
It is the family members who must see that medicines, food and liquids are given properly and the way your family doctor has prescribed. You can’t relax or leave anything in the hands of the patient.
Patient not only suffers physically but lot of suffering comes emotionally and it is the duty of the family members to stand firmly on all such fronts. Friends, even tbe best ones are the first ones to keep away, they leave you alone at a time when perhaps you need them the most.
Curing TB is a long battle and it must be fought with equal vigor, patience and the most important is that you can’t miss medicines even for a day. If you are missing medicines or diet, you will have to pay a heavy penalty in the form of TB becoming drug resistant or treatment taking very long time.
It is the family members who must have great patience to handle patient as patient becomes so tired that one wants to stop taking medicines. TB medicines deform body shape, these are all temporary phases but one who is suffering, these are highly important issues. These issues have to be handled by the entire family. All distant family members must maintain telephonic contact and encourage the patient. Normally, distant relatives also create distance, they hardly realise, tomorrow could be your own turn.
Finally, patient must stay in fresh airy place, something which is absolutely missing in big cities. We pay a serious price for staying in big cities-the health and ills of dense population.
If relatives can share, they must buy pomegranates for fresh juice to be given to the patient or else send money as economic help. It helps the patient both medically and psychologically.
Unfortunately, most of the families can’t afford the cost, psychological impacts and the family members do not remain together as a single unit-TB remains a big disease in the society. Half of the family members cut off the relationship at a time when it is the most needed. Emotional and social relationship is important for keeping the morale boosted for the patient. Patient must realize that my family members love me more than they loved me earlier and I am the most important, loved, cared despite this small, temporary ailment in life.

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