How do you invest as an expat if you do not know where you will eventually settle?

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  1. I have been an expat for 9 years. Where you live now, is largely irrelevant to your investments.

    Sure, some things make a difference. For example, if you live in US as an expat, there are tax implications.

    But in general, there are loads of expat focused accounts, which are designed to be flexible, that are portable, and move with you when you move to another location..

    Often all you need to do is update your credit/debit card payment or just send from a new bank account.

    What matters is what you invest in, as well. The best way to invest, according to a lot of academic research is;

    In low cost funds
    Investing 80% in long-term assets and 20% in something “sexier”.
    Long-term beats market timing
    Low-cost diversified index funds beat over diversification
    Markets beat property long-term
    Most DIY investors, whether expats or non-expats, fail for the same reasons.

    They don’t understand risk – they either take none and lose to inflation in the bank, or get seduced by get rich quick scheme .

    One of the key changes these days is the “death” of the lifetime expat.

    No longer are expats having just one assignment. Often expats are being moved around every 3–4 years.

    So an online solution which is portable and can be “taken with you” when you move is essential.

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