How do you keep yourself safe from the new coronavirus?

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  1. Originally Answered: What precautions are you taking out of fear of the coronavirus?
    When I catch “the flu” it normally takes me out of circulation for two weeks while everyone else in the house is annoyed for a week at most. This January I was really out of it for a month and had a deep cough that just wasn’t going away.

    Assuming I’ll catch Covid-19 and it won’t be easy since I have most of the mortality risk factors.

    After decades of delays, finally bought Nolo Press WillMaster and we generated wills. Not perfect given our complicated financials but simple and way better than nothing.

    Given the possibility of it affecting my lung function, I bought an oximeter to measure the oxygen saturation in my blood $15. This should tell me if I’m in real trouble or just “the flu” yet again.

    If I required the use of a ventilator, and there were no hospital beds or ventilators, figure I’ll use my CPAP machine that I already have for sleep apnea.

    Assuming that is not adequate, I ordered an oxygen concentrator $400. I’d rig that to blow oxygen into the air intake of my CPAP (and thus into me). I’ll probably use some duct tape just because this kind of quality health care screams for duct tape.

    I assume I’ll catch it, hospitalization won’t be available, and for me it will be bad. But I plan to survive it even though respiratory illnesses kick my butt.

    My wife is freaked out by my level of preparedness. We’ve been married almost three decades.

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