How do you keep yourself safe from the new coronavirus?

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  1. Minimize being in close proximity to other people. Wash your hands often. Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands (easier said than done). Don’t go into work with “a cold” if it might be the first sign of this virus. Employers, please note. Employees, if your employer insists on people being present with mild respiratory ailments during an epidemic, consider quitting.

    Less often mentioned — make absolutely certain your body is not short of vitamins C and D. Take supplements. These two vitamins are vital to your immune system for fighting off infections. All infections. (Don’t go mad with vitamin D. It accumulates in your liver and too much for a long time can be toxic).

    A mask will protect other people from you if you get infected, much more than it protects you. If everybody is wearing masks they have some value.

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