How do you see the future of technology?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 12, 2020 12:31 PM

Originally Answered: What would technology be like in the future?
Arthur C. Clarke said “Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology is Indistinguishable from Magic” So imagine sitting down in your Virtual Reality chair and materializing in front of your desk anywhere in the world whose company chose to hire you. Whatever you think is typed on your virtual screen. Periodically throughout the day you are asked to vote on issues of national importance. You may be called upon for virtual jury duty. While you are in VR your body and internal organs are exercised by your virtual reality chair and you are signaled when you need to emerge to use the bathroom. You may take a break get something to eat and then it’s back to the grindstone. You have a meeting with your team from all over the world whose voices are all translated into you native tongue as they speak them. Approximately 30% of your day is learning new skill sets necessary to keep up with your ever changing work assignments. Your house is approximately 30 floors underground because the earth1s surface is so hot from global warming and is mostly needed for solar energy generation and all the worlds feed is grown underground using artificial lighting and hydroponics. Meats of all varieties and textures are grown in bio-synthesizers and flavor is added after synthesis. Your front door leads to an undergrounds mall with both stores and recreational activities. People are encouraged to socialize leading to relationships and reproduction since the majority of people now satisfy all the social and sexual needs in virtual reality and are unwilling to do the work required to maintain a long term relationship and raising a real child. To make up for the population shortfall cloning is becoming the preferred method of reproduction and celebrities make a good income selling off bits of their DNA to replace the genetic material inside a female ovum which after it has been cleansed of any genetic defects or negative recessive genes which could surface when it is old enough to reproduce.

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