How does a person get into drugs?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 20, 2020 05:20 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 20, 2020 05:20 AM

Hi, everybody!

Since I am recently out of jail (and I don’t know which country OP is in) I’ll try to answer as best I can for Scottish prisons.

I was in HMP Low Moss – a distinct improvement on HMP Barlinnie, a huge sandstone pile – well, several piles – in Glasgow’s East End – and never once saw anyone with any cash at all; It’s a different story when it comes to drugs, though.

Apart from people who ‘hold back’ legally prescribed meds, it seemed at first to be a lot better than ‘Bar’ in that respect; but I found that the quality of the drugs coming into Low Moss through the illicit way was dreadful, and of course the prices being charged for ridiculously small, low-weight bags were breathtakingly high. You certainly see the laws of supply and demand in sharp relief in some of those places.

The standard method (since anybody found to have actual, real $$$money£££ would be well punished AND be under grave suspicion for their entire residency) is to have somebody you know send money to somebody your dealer knows; as soon as the cash has been received, you’ll get your drugs. That Low Moss had the most awful, weak stuff I think I’ve EVER had. At least in Barlinnie I was getting very nice, strong ‘contraband’ for my money even if, again, the weight of the powder was WAAAY lower than it should have been.

I don’t think I’d be very happy getting busted for possession of CRAP – I’d rather go down the quality road, not the quantity.

I have also heard stories of little toy-type ‘drones’ being flown over the walls into the correct part of the yard at exercise time. That’s a good way, but I am finding it difficult to believe, because Security and the attitude of the Prison Officers there wouldn’t allow it. I don’t think a drone could possibly escape their attention even through a staged bit of trouble designed to focus their attention somewhere other than where someone was ‘taking delivery’!

So, I’ve never seen any cash at all in any Scottish Prison, but they are awash with drugs; the usual suspects – heroin, cocaine and marijuana, and what they referred to as ‘Legals’, the synthetic cannabinoids, such as ‘Spice’, now much beloved of the ‘kids’. There are hardly ever any dogs on duty at Barlinnie, and the Staff seem more interested in having a smoke (I mean Player’s, Club, Rothman’s and the like; they aren’t allowed to smoke at Bar, even outside and on their break) but Low Moss is like a Boarding Kennels, and everybody is searched and tested a LOT more than is necessary; and I somehow don’t think they’d miss a wee drone there.

It’s probably easier to have somebody ‘parcel’ you during a visit.

It sure WOULD be if the place didn’t have more cameras than the M74 and M6 combined.

You didn’t think I was actually going to let slip the latest, really cool, method, did you?!!

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