How does it feel to live in Canada?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: Can you describe how your life feels living in Canada?
Like some people have said, life I’m Canada is different for everybody, depending on your background, even being born here. You have common ground like health care and weather that applies for everybody, but life in general will vary,

So, my experience is as an international student coming from Mexico when I was 18, doing a bachelors degree Vancouver and now I am working also in Vancouver. Also, I’m not a resident yet:

– Canadians are some of the nicest people I have met, they are very polite, sometimes too polite. A few weeks ago a guy on the street helped us with the car because our battery drained, after a few attempts he went home and took his classic porche’s battery and lent it to us so we could keep going (it was given back), at some point he even apologized for taking so long in figuring out what was wrong. It is part of their culture to be polite, sometime people will actually fake it just because it seems rude not to be polite, but in most cases it is genuine.

– Things work. At least in Vancouver, if a bus schedule says it will arrive at 4:56, then it will arrive at 4:56. People cross the street on the place, no line cuts, if something goes wrong at home, in the city, at work, at school, anything, it will be somebody’s job to be there and fix it as soon as possible.

– I’m not a resident so I pay for healthcare, but residents have it for free.

– Dental care is not included, and it’s extremely expensive.

– There is nature everywhere. Canada has more lakes than the rest of the work combined (according to some article I read). Within the city you find trees, parks, lakes, areas to run and water everywhere. Vancouver has a park bigger than New York’s Central Park, it’s called Stanley Park.

– Life is expensive here, very, but salaries are competitive and you can make a living with most jobs.

– It’s is VERY safe.

– Highly multicultural. Everyday I interact with people from at least 10 different countries, and you will find that Canadians come from everywhere, from white to asian, Arabic, etc.

– It can be boring sometimes. I come from Mexico, everyday things are alive, there is noise, people, cars, things happening all around, you feel the energy of the country everywhere (both positive and negative). Here things can be quiet and extremely organized, so much that when something happens it becomes a bigger deal than I’m used to. Clubs and pub close early, and alcohol is very controlled. But don’t get be wrong, it can be boring for people seeking that kind of excitement, if your kind of thing is scuba diving, hiking or trying food from every where, then you will never be bored.

– People come and go. Over the last four years I have made incredible friends, who sadly leave after a few months, it has happened so much that I’m used to saying good bye to great people, it hurts but that is how things work.

– So many cultures can be both mind opening and also cause barriers. I can get a long with people from a lot of different cultures, greet them in their language, know the right questions to ask, know how to be polite and eat the way the do, and if I don’t, I have learned how to learn all of that. I can become very good friends with a lot of them, but it is hard to become great friends. I miss hugging somebody the second time you ever see them, a kiss on the cheek or a big warm hand shake, that is my culture, latinoamerican culture, warm, friendly, very open and personal. In my first week in Vancouver I tried to be polite with a Chinese girl by giving her a kiss on the cheek, in reply she freaked out and wanted to run out of the house, until we explained it to her but still me found it very weird.

There are very rich people and very poor people, like everywhere. My only experience is as a foreigner working here, no family, no dependants, I’m single and with very little commitments, and I love it, every day tends to be fantastic once you learn how to deal with being away from home for so long.

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