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  1. Originally Answered: How is quantum gravity possible?
    Dark matter and Dark energy are basis for Quantum Gravity.

    1 – Dark matter – the only one that we know for sure applies to

    dark matter is – it has gravity-mass (not EM mass).


    Dark matter is made of particles of ”Ideal Gas” k-molar particles.

    (lets say – gravitons)

    k-molar particles are passive, neutral stuff. (very weak)

    The sum of k-molar particles is written by formula S=kT and because

    to find this sum in the universe is hard the complete formula is: S=kTlogW

    2 – Dark energy – we don’t really know what it is.


    Dark energy is consists of Dirac’s ”negative-virtual” particles -E=Mc^2

    that can somehow suddenly become real – detectable and their

    existence were proved in Casimir effect, Lamb shift, vacuum fluctuations.

    It means, somehow -E=Mc^2 changed into E=h*f.

    / like a caterpillar changes into butterfly /

    3 – Quantum Gravity is the unity between Dark matter (S=kT) and

    Dark energy (E=h*f). This unity is possible because Dark energy (E=h*f)

    is 10^36 times stronger than Dark matter (S=kTlogW) stuff and

    therefore the process of quantum gravity (probably – logW) can take place.

  2. Atiyah had said whole universe total gravity effect on one proton can solve mystery of QM united with GR, g gravity constant must connect with e electrical constant though fine structure constant which Feynman, Einstein quoted, John wheeler connect whole universe by one electron, reverse time at particle as anti particle, looking QG at electrical black hole, penrose’s twister connect large with small, Hawking’s holographic black hole united GR with QM, Witten m string theory, Yang Mills field for 4 force, also Atiyah had mention importance of Planck’s scale, dark energy, dark matter share 72.13%, 24.04% of total energy of our universe, put all those jig jaw puzzle together, only vacuum energy ch can put together whole picture, ch at Planck, proton, Atom scale form it’s own black hole by gravity, strong, EM force by Euler Lagrange least action principle, super symmetry ch=EL=(2*3.14)gm^2 united GR with QM.

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