How does technology improve distance education?

How does technology improve distance education?

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Asked on September 25, 2017 in Technology.
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    The impact of new technologies on distance learning students
    addresses a crucial dimension of educational provision: the expenditure oneducational technology of the 27 Ministries of Education in the European Unionand of Ministries of Education and Higher Education throughout the world, for theirschools, colleges and universities.If it cannot be proved that there is an impact of technology on learning and if itcannon be proved that this impact is beneficial then this expenditure is without justification. As recently as 2005 the World Bank claimed ‘The positive impact of ICT use in education had not been proven. In general, and despite thousands of impact studies, the impact of ICT use on student achievement remains difficult tomeasure and open to much reasonable debate.’ Thbook takes a different approach to other studies in the field in that itconcentrates on the impact of technology on learning in adult education, lifelonglearning and distance education. In this context it has a special focus on distanceeducation. Much previous work in the field has focused on the impact of technology on learning by children in schools. Thbook has a matrix structure. One branch of the matrix is provided by studiesof the five forms of distance education technologies used in the study: distanceeducation systems electronic distance education (usually referred to as e-learning), synchronous e-learning the se of the World Wide Web on-campus andmobile learning. The other branch of the matrix is supplied by two studies of theimpact of technology on learning by men and women and by younger and olderlearners. This book was published with the assistance of the European Commissionthrough its Leonardo da Vinci programme. The statistical appendices on which thebook is based are found on the
    Impact of new technologies on distance learningstudents
    website 20082
    Answered on November 1, 2017.
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