How hard is life in Pakistan?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 14, 2020 05:10 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 14, 2020 05:10 AM

Life in Pakistan??

Well I’m a Pakistani and I live in the hottest province, Sindh..

Life is a messy business.. not a really easy journey, not a child’s play thing..

And the life you spend heavily depends upon your circumstances, your financial conditions, your social status, the people you are surrounded by, the institute you are educated from, the family you belong to etc..

Life in Pakistan is as easy, simple and cozy as it can be anywhere else given that you have all the luxuries you need to smooth the waters of life for you..

Life is as hard in Pakistan as it can be anywhere else if in the voyage of your life you are trapped in the troubled waters..

Lets have a view of both,

This is how you will find the village life here.. probably the troubled waters for you??

And this is how the cities are like.. comparatively the smooth waters??

And now I would like to show you some of the views from my own university,

This is how the main campus building look like.. and then a few pictures I myself took in winters,

We, Pakistanis, belong to this very world, though from a country that is struggling really hard to develop and get rid of the epidemic like terrorism that is cutting and hollowing the roots of my country and she is bleeding..

All we expect from you, the world, is to respect our sacrifices and welcome us with warms cheers when we try to be a part of the global community..

Edit 1: As people are still viewing and upvoting this answer and commenting on it as well so I feel mentioning a few things here is really important:

By writing this answer, I’m for sure not inviting you for a India/Pakistan WAR..
The whole purpose to write this answer is to tell world what is really happening.. Not everyone here walks around with a suicide jacket on and not all the institutes teach us to kill others
And for God sake! I’m not from elite.. I’m from middle class myself.. As some people mentioned below, life is not really HELL for me.. Everyone in the world has problems.. But then its a famous saying that if you have a roof on your head, food in your fridge and have nice clothes to cover your body then you are more fortunate than millions in this world.. And let me tell you, I have much more than just that..
At last, for all those people who only want us, Pakistanis, to sing about our issues and accept that we all are terrorists, I DO NOT WANT YOU HERE.. All negative comments will be removed because you don’t seem to tolerate any kind of positivity..
Still, Thanks for reading..

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