How has stock market investment changed your life?


How has stock market investment changed your life?

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  1. My answer is long but you will know How I have made 1.2 lac in 8 mins, and How this money changed my whole life.

    when I was child I used to heard about Nifty and Sensex, I asked to my father “Dad what is this, everyday newsreader tells about Nifty and Sensex” Dad had no idea because he belongs to Engineering field.

    When I grow up I met a guy who knows about the market. At the age of 17 I opened a account on my mom names and borrow 5000 and traded alot in few days. In year of 2012 5000INR was huge amount for me because I was studying and pocket money of 300/month. In matter of days I lost 2.5k. I was scared and didn’t tell to my mom.

    I searched on google about stock market and moneycontrol dot com appeared on search engine. I started reading about investing and trading, in 2014 I have learnd alot from google and made little money, not much 500 to 1000 rs in 2–4 months. It was great for me.

    In 2016 month of July I have shorted Dr. Reddy Stock and took risk of 26000. Which was my whole value of demat account. In matter of hours, I have made 2K and next hour again 2k. I took the risk and shorted the stock and bought PUT (8 lots). That night I didn’t sleep well my mind was stuck in the market. I was seeing USA market Dr. Reddy listed in US market as well and here we go, news came Dr. Reddy started fallen down, my heart beat started beating fast. I was expecting 100–120% return.

    In the morning I have logged in my trading account, which is in Zeroda and I started watching my position, In 8 mins stock already fell down in pre open market. At 09:15 when market open for trading my account was like gold mine +50k in fews mins +1.2 lac. I have never seen such amount in my trading accountbefore. I was like a child and counting the zero in lacs. I didn’t believed that it is lacs or thousands. I called my mom from different room and asked to count the digit. She said “beta it is 1.2 lacs” and my hand directly went to keyboard and In matter of seconds I have booked profit of 1.2 lacs and switched off the PC and closed the internet from my mobile.

    After 2 years of failure in everything, this money changed myself, I started feeling very rich, very confident, very positive, very focused towards my trading. First thing first directly went to store of Sony and bought a Sony LED 40 inches because the first thing I wanted that to see market in big screen. When I see that TV everyday it reminds me that I have done something in my life.

    I changed the color of room, bought new sofa, made little small things for family. 70k I have spended in my family. Rest of the amount I have left for doing trading. In 2016 I have made 2.5 lacs and the journey is still going on.

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