How I can solve the current problems of Pakistan as …


How I can solve the current problems of Pakistan as a Pakistani?

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  1. One has to take a practical and yet philosophically sound approach to answer the question.

    Legally, morally and socially you are responsible for your thoughts and actions. Of anyone you have the most control over yourself, you may have some control or influence on your immediate family, but not much beyond that. Lecturing the world wouldn’t get us anywhere. We can all set examples worth emulating by those who choose to do so of their own free will.

    The struggle we are all in is a struggle of self reformation. If we just do that it will be enough. Some may wish to do more but that is up to them. Where shall we begin that struggle:

    Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth all the time to everyone (including yourself) as much as possible. But how do you tell the truth if you don’t what is the truth of any given matter. That brings me to point two of this answer.

    Let all your beliefs be tentative, examine and reexamine them in cold light of logic and weigh them on the scales of probabilities. Be prepared to change your views, all that you know or have been told regardless of the authority. This is education.

    Ascertain and abide by all the laws of your country, new, old, local, provincial, federal and international. Work to change bad laws and bring in good laws. Laws are the foundation of any civilized society. Pay your taxes on time and in correct measure. Volunteer to serve the nation when when faced with enemies at home and abroad.

    Continue these actions without ceasing, you may never be the perfect citizen and all your actions may fail to save the country. You will die one day (and we all shall) with the satisfaction that you discharged your responsibility in full. God bless the whole world.

    In words of Iqbal: Afrad kay Hathoon mein hay Aqwam ki taqdeer, Her farad hay millat kay muddar ka sitara. (Fate of nations lies in the hands of citizens, every citizen is a star to his country).

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