How is dark chocolate good for one’s health?

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- Aug 06, 2019 11:59 AM

Dark Chocolate Good for One’s Health?

Chocolates play in very healthy role in one’s diet plan, but as we all know not excess of anything is not good. Same goes with the amount of chocolate we intake. There are many benefits of having chocolate along with some disadvantages. Starting with benefits,
1. Chocolate makes you smile, as it low downs your anxiety level and makes you feel relaxed and happy.
2. Eating chocolate makes you feel good whenever you feel little low due to any reason it increases the chemical level of certain chemicals including mood altering PFA.
3. It helps in improving fat metabolism and increases alertness.
Discussing with the disadvantages of having chocolate:
1. Tooth decay, as the amount of sugar present in the chocolate has the potential to trigger tooth decay.
2. Glucose swings as the increased sugar level provokes you to eat more.
3. Of- course it increases the calories consumption level.

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