How is Imran Khan as a prime minister until now?

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How is Imran Khan as a prime minister until now?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 27, 2019 04:13 PM

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child”. ~ Shakespeare

I have written a couple of pieces as my expressions of praises and accolades on Pakistani Premier, Mr. Imran Khan, but today I will be so different as to be quite an opposite extreme. As my writing won’t be in conformity with those I have scribed earlier. For, I’ll be telling you the worst lie that a die hard fan of Imran Khan has ever told. So, brace yourself up for the lie, I am about tell.

Lets start.

Good Leadership in Old (Puraana) Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif and Zardari happened to be the best leaders in Pakistani political landscape or scenario. But their haters claim that Imran Khan is far more better than Nawaz and Zardari.

Whoever thinks or says that is highly thankless and contemptible. How come the people of Pakistan forget that there was a time, not long ago though , when Pakistan was not only considered to be the most beautiful country, but the greatest Super Power the planet earth has ever witnessed. No country on the globe could dare to draft its policies without the consent of Pakistan. During the era of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardar, Pakistan progressed in leaps and bounds. The social and economic infrastructure of Pakistan’s Cities was worth witnessing.

The basic organizational structure and facilities e.g. skyscrapers, broad and beautiful roads and arragements of power supply was commendable that was imitated by other countries also. The infrastructure of Cities would attract foreigners in flocks to see their beauty. It literally portrayed as if heaven had descended on earth. I know you won’t believe what I, have said, but it would render you speechless when I’d be producing the proof to substantiate my version.

Did you see that?


Want to see more?

Okay, here they come.

This was how the Cities of Pakistan used to be. Not only this, the country worked wonder in foreign affairs also. Pakistan had great relations with all the countries especially with its neighbours including India. The leaders of Pakistan and India would frequently visit each other and held meetings to discuss the issues of mutual benefits.

The policies of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari towards poverty alleviation was so laudable that instead to alleviate poverty, they successfully eliminated the poor. All kinds of economic and commercial activity, be that industrial or the agro, flourished and had a thriving business. The figure and the proportion of unemployed people in Pakistan was equal to naught.

The system of tax collection was par excellence as none had the audacity to evade taxes. Besides, all the state’s institutions—Judaciary, FIA, FBR, NAB and Police etcetra—were free from all the internal and external political pressures. Justice would reach at the doorstep of each Pakistani. There was no discrimination between elite and middle class, caste and creed, whereas, the communal and sectarian harmony was completely in sync. It somewhat was very close to the old maxim, “Sheep and Lion would share water from the same pond.”

All the institutions were active and worked hard for the progress and prosperity of the Country. They were given a carte blanche as the public representatives either belonged to the public office or even in the Federal and Provincial Cabinet, if found in slightest malpractice were arrested red handed and punished in full public view. The President and the Prime Minister were also answerable to the public. Actually Law reigned supreme in Pakistan during the respective governments of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari.

The economy was stable and ranked the top slot in international markets. Pakistan was far more ahead than other countries in terms of industries and agriculture. Pakistan had the recognition of an industrial hub and agricultural zone. The national treasury was stashed with foreign currency reserves, tons of gold, platinum, silver and other precious gems.!!

Natural resources like Petroleum, Gas and other minerals were explored and exported to the foreign countries. Pakistan became a richest public welfare state, during the periods of Nawaz and Zardari. Pakistan would provide financial help to other under developing countries also to bail them out from economic crisis.

One would never believe that even the United State of America, a super power once, had to grovel before Pakistan and borrowed billions of dollars to avoid economic bankruptcy, as the financial resources of USA had absolutely depleted consequent upon its policies towards Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other Arab and Middle Eastern Countries. In short, both the above leaders had literally moved on the proverbial rivers of milk and honey.

A Despotic Ruler in New (Nayya) Pakistan.

Before talking about Mr.Imran Khan, I would like to muster up some strength and courage so that my fingers start playing smoothly with the keyboard without being shaken or trembled in frailty.


I really want to give a cry of pain, sorrow and profound grief, but with a loud curse also to that day when a Londonic heart-throb, the former Pakistani Cricketer-turned politician, Imran Khan Niazi took the country’s destiny in his own hands followed by the General Election held on July-2018. After assuming as Prime Minister of Pakistan, he in his very first speech, instead of sending messages of peace and establishing good relations, started intimidating the world community. The general tone and tenor of his speech was quite aggressive which threatened the regional peace.

Earlier I used to think that Khan is not an Islamist radical. Even a label like “anti-Western” seemed problematic to me when it applied to a man who was educated in Oxford and taught by British teachers and professors. But all my thoughts about him proved wrong and I finally inclined to believe that his political opponents who accused him of having soft corner and sympathy for Jihadis, and branded him as Taliban Khan were absolutely right. I did read in some daily news that Imran Khan loved to call himself as Taliban Khan.

Imran Khan became the first Pakistani leader who caused severe dent to the decades old cordial and brotherly relations between Pakistan and India. Although, Indian Premier, Narendra Modi frittered no opportunity to restore peace and stability between the two former good neighbors. To promote amity and brotherhood between the two neighbours, he urged Imran Khan to take initiative on Kartarpur and open its border, as the Sikkh community of India wanted to visit their holy place and pay homage to the founder of their religion-Baba Guru Nanak- who had spent last days of his life at Kartarpur, but Imran Khan took no heed of and deprived the Indian Sikkh Community of their religious rights. Mr. Narendra Modi, frequently called Imran Khan on telephone, but he displayed arrogance and didn’t answer any of the call made by him.

According to some political expert, India literally knocked Pakistan down on the diplomatic front particularly on the issue of Kartarpur boarder. The International community, at the one hand witnessed such an indurate behaviour of Imran Khan and the peace strategy, intended to resolve all the issues with a fresh approach, by Narendra Modi on the other hand. Thus the peace efforts on the part of Narendra Modi were lauded by the world community.

On the contrary, drunk under the state power, Imran Khan turned down all the peace offers and carried out a surgical strike on India without any provocation from their side. As a result of the violation of territorial boundaries by Pakistan, the Indian administration had to retaliate in self defence. Hence, an aerial combat ensued between Indian and Pakistani airforce which culminated into the destruction of one Indian fighter jet MiG-21 and the capture of its Pilot.

Indian authorities demanded the safe and early return of their captured pilot, but Imran Khan abruptly turned their demand to deaf ear. The international community also interceded in the matter and advised Imran Khan to handover the pilot to the Indian authority, as a gesture of peace, but he didn’t listen to them also. The Indian Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman is still under Pakistan’s custody where he is regularly subjected to intense physical and mental torture.

The previous governments of Nawaz and Zardari, that led Pakistan to the height of progress, prosperity and global peace, razed completely down by Imran Khan. He took quite an opposite direction and turned everything topsy turvy within no time. He instead to serve the people of Pakistan is acting like a despotic monarch who has not only laid the foundation of corruption, but promoted favouritism and nepotism also. The ministers in his cabinet are incompetant and have got no practical skill and expertise to tackle their portfolios, except to have themselves indulged in ease loving and pleasure seeking activities. A recent incident of physical assault publicly, by one the Khan-led cabinet Minister, Mr. Fawwad Chaudhry, perpetrated on a veteran journalist Mr. Sami Ibrahim of Bol TV is the glaring example of misuse and abuse of powers. Thanks to Mr Imran Khan who fostered the kinship and killed the merit.

The state institutions including bureaucracy, which once worked honestly, have now been politicized and corrupted deeply for his personal interest. The poor who couldn’t have been seen even through the magnified glasses, now could be seen with nude eyes. So to say, the poor got resurrected and the poverty reincarnated also. Imran Khan has formulated no policy for poor and poverty alleviation so far. His policies are limited to the elite and business class only from whom he has exacted maximum benefits.

All the projects of development are now being awarded to those who are giving fair share of percetage to the Khan led-Govt. Though these projects can nowhere be seen but in papers only. Everybody in the government including Imran Khan is busy in plundering public wealth and abuse of power. The electronic media, anchors and political analysts are also being fed and served with inflated envelopes to sing praises in favour of Imran Khan, who has driven the state in utter confusion and disorder.

The irony is that the honest and loyal politicians like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari who did serve the country with complete sincerity and commitment are now being destroyed politically and demonized publicly with a vindictive mind of policy. They have been implicated and roped in false cases of corruption and killings of political opponents. Nawaz and Zardari are now behind the bars and facing trial for the criminal acts they didn’t commit.

Imran Khan has gone to such an extent that he is not willing to spare the family members of both the above leaders. Their daughters, sons and other blood relatives have also been implicated falsely in corruption cases irrespective of the fact that they can not remotely be associated with such ill founded allegations.

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