How is India battling for the corona virus?

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  1. Originally Answered: How is India fighting against corona virus?
    On 19th March 2020 Prime Minister addressed to the public through national channel. In his speech it can be clearly seen that India is very much concerned about Corona Virus and is fighting against it by every means possible.

    Lets look at PM’s speech in brief -*

    1. PM imposed Janata curfew on Sunday, 22 March where he asked every Indian to stay at home between 7 am to 9 pm. No one outside homes this day at all.

    2. Social distancing to be practiced

    3. Abide by centers guidelines

    4. Call 10 people and spread this message of social distancing and Janata curfew.

    5. This will be a test of our ability of restraint and resolve

    6. All our essential service providers like medical professionals, transport service providers , etc are outdoing themselves . Let’s thank them by clapping and cheering

    them on Sunday, 22 March at 5 pm sharp from our balconies, doorway s and windows.

    7. Avoid going to hospitals for a routine checkup. Call family doctors over the phone for small problems .

    8. Elective surgeries should be postponed.

    9. COVID 19 Economic Task force has been set up by the government to reduce economic issues caused by this pandemic.

    10. Traders , business people have been requested to take care of their employees also.

    11. Essential commodities like milk, medicines,etc will not be affected . So please don’t hoard items . No panic buying.

    12. Humanity and India should win this fight!

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