How is it to be a woman in Saudi Arabia?


How is it to be a woman in Saudi Arabia?

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  1. All women have to wear abaya irrespective of origin of their country. If you are an expat, it is not compulsory for you to cover head or wear a niqab. Saudis mustn’t cover the face, but most of the families don’t allow that.
    There is no co-education in most of the schools and colleges. There are separate campuses for males and females.
    In most of the offices, there are two separate branches for males and females. That makes your work easy and quick as there are no long queues. The offices where there is no segregation, priority is given to females for their work.
    In wedding ceremonies or parties, there are separate halls for males and females. I got a chance to attend on wedding celebration. When we entered in the hall, there were security personnel (females) who collected our phones as taking pictures of females was not allowed. Mostly women in party were in pretty gowns and a few in sarees. There was music and dancing as well. When the groom was supposed to come in that hall, an announcement was made and all of the females wore their abayas. The groom and bride took the stage.
    When you are a female and you want to cross the road, most of the Saudis will stop their cars and allow you to cross the road first, and I like that.
    You can hire a registered taxi and move alone, even in night for shopping or eating. I feel it’s safer here as compared to other countries because of the strict rules.
    Education is free for females at government schools and universities. At Universities, all female students get scholarship from the government.
    Before coming here, I had a different image of Saudi females in my mind, but actually I found Saudi women more confident, smarter, and intelligent as compared to males.
    Saudi females are fond of heavy makeup and dressing up.
    Whenever a Saudi girl get married, all the expenses are borne by husband.
    In decision making, I observed that mostly Saudi females are dependent on their families.

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