How is Russia impacted by coronavirus?


How is Russia impacted by coronavirus?

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  1. Russia is one of the affected country

    Russia, like any other country – this COVID-19 issue has become global – has also been affected by the pandemic.

    Isolation or stay-at-home policy

    People in Russia were isolated and Moscow was the first city that isolated its people to stay home. To reinforce the stay-at-home policy the fines were established. And some of the people have already been detained and fined for walking outdoors.

    Tracking System, QR code and Face recognition

    For those who was diagnosed as infected by the virus the tracking system with a QR-code was introduced. But some say that this coding system affected even healthy people as well. So they could not go out without first being identified by the installed software on their cell phones (face recognition and all kinds of private data).

    Economic Crisis

    Many people were left off without support. A lot of people were either fired or sent for “vacation”. It is a dramatic event for most of Russian people.

    Some of the industries suffered more. In paticular, it affected those sectors that requried physical presence of people at their saloons, cafes, or restaurants.

    And of course, there were found some who were infected by the virus. But the economic disaster surpasses that of the virus.

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