How is the coronavirus impacting people in Russia?

umaan waqar
Apr 24, 2020 03:55 PM 0 Answers
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How is the coronavirus impacting people in Russia?

umaan waqar
- Apr 24, 2020 03:56 PM

Dispite of not so dangerous situation in Russia as in other countries l feel anxious because of possible negative consequences for national and world economy.

I expect that Russia will overcome the virus soon, but today more and more organizations are being closed, so business has many problems. For example, yesterday fitness clubs stopped working all over Moscow according to the decision of the Government. Fewer people are visiting restaurants, and it’s expected that they will be closed too. These types of business couldn’t gain money providing their employees distance working places. How about the stuff working there?

Yesterday, Bystrov, the mayor of St. Petersburg asked people from other regions not to visit the city in order not to spread the virus. I see it as something unbelievable. I couldn’t imagine this only three weeks ago as well as empty shelves in shops – the sight which I haven’t seen from my childhood (even then they weren’t so empty, to be honest).

And what we should do if all the measures taken didn’t work out? Some people that have been quarantined violate the rules of their detention and possibly spread the virus among others. Some people are still denying the danger. Some people are spreading rumors about biological weapon even when discussing the problem on TV instead of any information which may help.


As for psychological impact, it looks like a weird situation, like a picture of the world which suddenly appeared distorted. Many people do not really know what to expect and what to do. I’m trying to stay positive although for me it’s hard to realize what’s happening in the world.

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