How is the Pakistan army regarded by other countries’ armies?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 08, 2020 04:59 AM

” So I would Say God Hates War, But God loves every Soldier”- Rick Warren

Only a coward would not give due respect to the enemy who is brave enough!

Pakistani Soldiers, just like soldiers of any other army in the world, are very patriotic and brave. They risk their lives and fight for their army.

I remember the case of a Pakistani soldier getting awarded, on the recommendation of Indian army!
Pak war hero honoured at India’s recommendation

And here is what Pakistani soldier’s Brother said: “Allah ka shukar hai ki humara dushman bhi koi busdil dushman nahi hai. Agar log kahen ki India busdil hai to main kahunga nahi kyuki usne aelania keh diya ki karnel sher hero hai (No enemy is a coward. I won’t call India coward because it proclaimed Sher Khan as a hero).”
Pak war hero honoured at India’s recommendation

The gallantry of Tajammal Hussain Malik has been acknowledged by Indian Soldiers. Battle of Hilli

However, A soldier is not the army! Indians in general, (including Indian army personnel- as witnessed on various debates and talk shows in media ) have the following criticisms towards Pakistan Army:

Pakistani Army has no respect for its civilian government. Many times they have overthrown elected governments; and when not in direct power, still maintain huge influence over the government and decision making ( This from Media, reading Pakistani newspapers and watching Pakistani talk shows and hearing Pakistani experts and commentators)
Maintaining hostility with India: There was a time when Nawaz Shareef was Pakistani prime minister (He still is) and Atal Bihari Vajpayi was Indian Prime minister. Both sides felt enough of bloodshed, lets give peace a chance. Vajpayi started what’s called bus diplomacy and travelled to lahore by bus and initiated what is called aman ki Asha (Hope for Peace). While Indo-Pak Civilian governments were trying to bring peace, Pak army was infiltrating Kargil. This instantly halted peace initiative. This essentially alienated Pakistan in the world community and got criticisms from even the best of supporters like China and USA. The civilian government had to bear the humiliation worldwide for the actions of Pak Army. And to Indians, this act simply wiped out any chances of trusting Pakistanis! Indians consider that as backstabbing; and aptly so. Kargil War
Supporting Terrorists: While every major power has, to some extent or the other supported some extremist elements, but no country ever institutionalized terrorism as Pakistan army did. So much so, that now the same terrorist elements have gone out of control and become a Frankenstein’s monster for Pak! Again civilians are paying. Although media personalities immediately blame India for all their troubles, but even they in their honest moments would accept, who has created the monsters!
Lack of code of honour: Indians can still be OK with the wars Pakistan army inflicted on India. But no Indian will ever forget and forgive Pak army for the brutalities they did to captured Indian soldiers. What about beheading of Indian soldier. Indian soldier ‘beheaded by Pakistan troops’ as Kashmir dispute escalates. During Kargil War badly mutilated bodies of Indian soldiers were recovered.
Not recognizing one’s soldiers: Pak army blatantly refused to accept the bodies of its own dead soldiers. However Indian army buried those soldiers with full military respect! (compare this with point 4).

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