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How is the weather in Phuket, Koh Samui, and Krabi in September?

Mudassir Ali
- May 02, 2020 05:53 PM

Averages for Phuket & Krabi in September

Welcome to September the coldest, by Phuket standards, and the wettest month at the end of the monsoon. Even though this is the coldest month, it only makes it be a few degrees as the top temperature rarely goes above 30°C. This will not deter many tourists as it is still warmer than the European winter. The rain will fall on around 21 days this month with heavy downpours leading to sunny and humid days. Average rainfall is 400mm that is more than 10 times you will see during each month of the dry season from December to February. Rainfall will start to ease towards the end of the month heading into October, which will see about half the amount of rain.

As Phuket sits near the equator, the average temperatures don’t vary much and the average temperature for September is 27°C that lies between the average high/low temperatures of 24°C and 30°C. Due to the amount of rainfall and the temperatures the average humidity this month is 85% to 90% which is up from the lows of 75% in the dry season. Many indoor activities occur in air-conditioned centers and this makes a great time of year for shopping in the malls and plazas in cooler conditions.

With the height of the monsoon and cloudy weather, average sunshine hours per day have dropped to 7 hours from the 9 hours a day seen in the drier months. This will still allow time to spend outdoors at the beaches and the nearby islands exploring Phuket. Ocean temperatures are fairly stable and the sea temperature in September is 29°C which is just 1 degree less than the highest that is experienced during the hot season. This temperature will stay until December when it falls to its coolest at 28°C. Not all beaches will be open this time of year for swimming due to the dangerous conditions caused by the monsoon weather.

September will average just 1 foggy day with the foggiest months occurring between December and April.

Weather Ko Samui in September

The great thing about Ko Samui is that it experiences excellent weather all year round. The island resort, which is Thailand’s third-largest island, enjoys tropical weather. The temperatures are usually the same, but rainfall fluctuates drastically. September is the start of the monsoon season in Ko Samui and has an average temperature of 28°C, one degree less than June, July and August. The average daily high temperature in September is 31°C, while the average daily low is 25°C, which is still warm by all accounts. This daily highs and lows don’t change in the course of the month. 63% of all September days are classified as warm; 37% as hot. After five months of sea temperatures around 28°C, the water temperature drops one degree in September, to 27°C, which, again, is still very warm.

With a decrease of only 15 minutes in the course of the month, the length of the days in September is basically constant. The longest day of the month is September 1 with 12.17 hours of daylight; September 30 is the shortest with 12.02 daylight hours. Sunshine is limited to 6 hours per day, the same as the previous four months, as well as October and November. This is due to the fact that September marks the end of the cloudy mini-monsoon or hot season and the start of the very wet and cloudy monsoon season. On average, you can experience sunshine on about half of a typical September day.

And September is cloudy indeed. With an average of 85% of cloud cover, this is about as cloudy as it gets. Historically the cloudiest day of the year is October 5. Cloud cover increases only very slightly throughout the month, from 85% in the beginning to 86% at the end. September 15, a representative day of the month, generally has clear skies 4% of the time, partly cloudy skies 15% of the time and is mostly cloudy 45% of the time. The rest of the time is divided between other less common cloud cover types.

As the start of the monsoon season, September sees an increase of rainfall compared to the previous months, which, by the way, were already fairly wet. September gets a total of 130mm of precipitation and has 11 days of rainfall. The chance of experiencing rainfall on any given day increases in the course of the month. Precipitation is least likely on September 5 with a 51% chance and most likely on September 30 with a 55% chance. The most common types of rainfall, in this order, are light rain, thunderstorms and moderate rain. September has by far the lowest amount of fog days in the year: only two. The average humidity ranges around 80%.

Ko Samui’s weather changes frequently during the day from rainy to sunny and then back to rainy. Most of the holiday-makers will have filtered out of Ko Samui by September as the holiday season will have ended. However, people can still participate in almost all the activities as all the shops and attractions remain open for the entire year.

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