How is this war between India and Pakistan?


How is this war between India and Pakistan?

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  1. Pakistan fought wars in 1965 and 1971 and failed to capture Kashmir. Also they lost their Eastern wing. When Zia , the Army chief became the President of Pakistan and hanged the Prime minister Bhutto, he had injected the poison of religious fanaticism into the policy of Pakistan. They made the liberation of Kashmir an Islamic issue. The Army became a Muslim Jihadi Army. Since they were numerically small and having a much smaller economic base, they introduced a special form of war against India. This is by terrorists styled as Kashmir Liberation Jihadists. Most of the Jihadists are trained by pakistan Army through ISI, its intelligence agency. But Pakistan will disown these poor petty criminals trained by them once they die in India during their terror mission. The low key border conflict is to facilitate the infiltration of these terrorists. Today Pakistan is exposed as a terrorist country by the whole world except its Sunni sympthisers and supporters.

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