How long can a coronavirus remain viable outside the human body?

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  1. Corona viruses can survive on surfaces at room temperature for up to nine days and remain infectious. On average, they survive between four and five days. Cold and high humidity further increase their life span.

    Since there is no specific therapy against corona, the prevention of infections is important. Like all droplet infections, the virus spreads via hands and surfaces that are frequently touched. In hospitals, these can be door handles, for example, but also bells, bedside tables, bedsteads and other objects in the direct vicinity of patients.

    For disinfection, agents based on ethanol, hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite are recommend. If applied in the correct concentration, they drastically reduce the number of infectious corona viruses within a minute – from one million to only 100 disease-causing particles. If preparations based on other active ingredients are used, they should at least have a limited effect against viruses. This is sufficient to significantly reduce the risk of infection.

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