How long can tuberculosis patients survive without treatment?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 11, 2020 11:26 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 11, 2020 11:26 AM

2 members in my family had contracted Latent(inactive) TB infections and yet stayed for 9–10 years healthily. until we realised they had an active TB infections when they started exhibiting active symptoms of deadly TB.

For 9 years both my brother and uncle(in his case he knew it after 5 years) had not realised they had TB but they were exhibiting symptoms like-

1.Shortness of breath,2.Extreme tiredness after little walk, breathing heavily ,3.Suffocation like struggle while at sleep.4.speck of blood in their mucus , cough. 5.Unexplained fever which becomes severe at night.

For sometime they decided to overlook and ignore the symptoms ,but one fine morning my brother suddenly coughed out lot of blood,we thought he will live no more .

He was rushed to hospital when the doctor after several test could not find anything wrong and said it could be a case of paryngitis. It suddenly happened again after a year, We were devastated as my brother was very good in studies and he was the sole hope of the family to build a good career.He was again rushed to hospital same day ,and test results showed Pulmonary Kochs ( another term for TB of Lungs) and my brother started 9 months TB (DOTS) course and today by God’s grace he is hale and hearty and even beat me in running and skipping which he couldn’t do when he had TB infection.

Now what were the key reasons my brother survived deadly TB –

1.We always urged him to finish his medications till the very end of the course.

2.Maintained healthy diet by eating lot of green vegetables and fruits.

3.Regular execrise.

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