How long is the UK visa processing time?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 22, 2020 02:50 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 22, 2020 02:50 PM

No Update will till 3rd July 2019 called 24-hour customer service (cost 2 GBP) and said it is process.

I had ticket booked to Canada business visit for 7th Sunday 2019, no calls can help.

Again, called customer care on 4th July (costs 4 GBP) and customer service executive said he can help by escalating as emergency travel.

No help by consecutive calls and again called to confirm any progress being made, this executive said can’t help with any escalation until completion of 15 working days (Cost 9 GBP).

I have cancelled my Canada flight ticket and my organization send another person instead of me.

I lost my hope and not tried to contact customer care (why to waste money) waited.

On 10th July 2019 10.15 AM (18th working day) I got an email as decision has made on the application. tried to track my passport with different combination on bluedart website and not luck till late night. The courier reference number to be searched is completed GWF number (without trim)

I took leave for collecting the passport

By around 10th July 2019 10.00 PM in the night started show as send from Chennai to Bangalore airport and morning it send to nearest delivery location.

Surprisingly, by noon 11 July 2019 1.00 PM it shows as wrong pin code and redirected. I tried calling customer care of bludart for many times and they say as it will be delivered. on later calls they were not guaranteeing delivery. Another frustration.

11 July 2019 6.30 PM, no further update on called bludart website and made frustrated call to customer care and finally they had given delivery manager’s contact. Talked to delivery manager and he confirm that he will deliver by 9.00 PM.

After many calls and follow-up and passport delivered with visa by 11 July 2019 9.00 PM

My findings and recommendations:


If you have any other travel plans, better to apply with priority visa which will cost extra.


No use of calling customer care before 15 working days, you will be just losing your money.


Escalate after 15 working days by calling customer care (that’s is only way to escalate)


Do not opt for courier service unless you need to door delivery and you are at home. Next day you will be able to collect the passport from VAC (VFS) where you submitted documents. Once you receive email from VFS and collect the passport. You will be saving approx. Rs. 500. I Suggest to collect the passport from VAC if you are near to VAC.


The bluedart courier reference number to be searched is completed GWF number (without trim). Recommend to try all the combination of full application number, removing GWF0 and also can be try removing just GWF.

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